08 January 2013

my new website / blog!

About four years ago, I started That's Happy. It's brought me a lot of fun opportunities and I've really enjoyed spending time with you here! It's bittersweet because this is the end of That's Happy, but the beginning of something new! Introducing, my new website and blog, lisarupp.com! So maybe, "this blog has moved" isn't the right thing to say, I guess it's really me that's moving. But really, not much will change. There will still be diy's and freebies. (To prove it, ;) see the first of my new desktop wallpapers and download it HERE!) And if you love the "stuff i like," I'll continue posting all of that on pinterest. You can follow me HERE!
All and all, I hope you'll follow me over to lisarupp.com, add my new blog to your readers and stick with me! Love you guys!! Thanks for all of your support and kindness!


  1. Your website looks as interesting as ever, Lisa! Those beautiful and appealing illustrations and designs really deserve a place where they can be recognized – and your website does just that. Congratulations! :]

  2. Aww. It’s sad that you’ll be leaving this blog. I’d be very happy if you’ll still continue this blog and your new website. Anyway, I notice that the texts in your new blog/website are tiny and barely readable. I think you should make the font a little bigger, or you can change the font style. Overall, I love your new website/blog. But I’m hoping you’ll still continue updating this site. Thank you! +David Byrd

  3. “It's bittersweet because this is the end of That's Happy, but the beginning of something new!” – Something ending means something begins anew! Now, isn’t that something to be thankful for? Anyway, like Sage, I find your website interesting and striking too! It’s much better than your first website.

  4. Old site, move site, new site = Still a very good site

    - Great piece of work.

  5. “It's bittersweet because this is eliminate That is Pleased, though the start of something totally new!” * A thing closing means some thing starts over! Today, isn’t that some thing to become happy pertaining to? In any case, like Sage, I've found your website intriguing and stunning as well! It’s superior to your first site. buy rs gold
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